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artisan brodeur

Eric Selles

Design Embroidery Craftsman

Broder est une façon raffinée de signer un ouvrage.

Eric Selles – Design Embroidery Craftsman


This title ensures that clients are contacting a competent professional, with recognized skills.
It acknowledges professional training and qualifications as well as the know-how and experience acquired over several years.


certification artisan d'art

French government decree, 2nd April, 1998 : “Any person using the word craftsman or any of its derivatives without the necessary qualification of a Craftsman or Master Craftsman, under the conditions set out in the text of 2nd April 1998, is liable to be penalized and fined 7 500 Euros.

Eric Selles Design Embroiderer

After studying the piano and organ at the Music Conservatories of Macon and Lyon,Eric Selles became, firstly, an amateur titular organist, and then a professional.

In 2015 he decided to change professions and this led him to become an artistic embroiderer, graduating from the renowned haute-couture Lesage School of Embroidery (Ecole de Broderie Lesage), in Paris.

His maternal grandmother, who was a professional embroiderer herself, specializing in white work, fired his passion.

As a complement to his haute-couture embroidery work, Eric is also skilled in design crochet and pillow lace items.

Eric works in his studio in the South of France.